WPC 2022 Strakonice, CZ
WPC 2022
World Freefall Style and Accuracy Landing Championships 2022
Our Sponsors & Partners

We Value Our Sponsors & Partners

WPC 2022 organizers would like to acknowledge and thank all partners and sponsors who have supported our venue. We highly appreciate your care, we can not reach out our goals without your partnership.

Main Sponsors
• City of Strakonice (Municipality of Strakonice city)
• Městské kulturní středisko Strakonice (Municipal Cultural Centre of Strakonice city)
• Aeroklub Strakonice, z.s. (Aeroclub of Strakonice)
• Jihočeský kraj (South Bohemia Regional Municipality)
• Senát Parlamentu ČR (Senate of the Parliament of the Czech Republic)
• FAI (World Air Sports Federation)
• I. M. Rataj - Podlahy s.r.o. (Floor supplies)
• Tandemové seskoky Strakonice s.r.o. (Tandem jumps)
• Tonak a.s. (Hat, cap, beret, bowler hat, top hat, hat production)
• Pella (Freight and passenger transport)
• Toyota Dolák s.r.o. (Toyota cars reseller)
• Namax – venkovní reklama s.r.o. (Outdoor advertising)

Other Sponsors
• Měšťanský pivovar Strakonice a.s. (Brewery of Strakonice city)
• Aeroklub České republiky (Aeroclub of the Czech Republic)
• Radio Beat (Classic rock radio)
• Radio Otava (Regional radio)
• MarS (Manufacturer of parachutes and parachute equipment)
• PRIMA a.s. (Constructions)
• RYNOSTAV s.r.o. (Constructions, wooden buildings)
• Pizza Expres (Pizza restaurant & delivery)
• Technické služby Strakonice s.r.o. (Technical services of Strakonice City)
• Municipality Čestice
• Gastrofest České Budějovice (Gastronomy services, catering)
• Hrdlička reality (Real estate services)
• Veteran Car Club Strakonice
• Moštárna Drachkov (Production and sale of fruit and vegetable juices)
• Nářadí Štětka (Resale of Milwaukee tools)
• Pumpa PRO Strakonice (Resale of pumps and accessories)
• International Automotive Components Group s.r.o. (Car industry interiors)