WPC 2022 Strakonice, CZ
WPC 2022
World Freefall Style and Accuracy Landing Championships 2022
Location Details and Direction

WPC 2022 Competition Location

Location of the event
Event will be held in the city Strakonice, at Strakonice airport LKST. City of Strakonice is located in the South of Bohemia approx. 90 km from capital city - Prague.

Details of access to location by air
Strakonice city is located in the south of Bohemia. You can use air transport to Prague Václav Havel airport, rent a car and use national highway D4 to Strakonice. It takes around one and half hour. Or you can use railway from Prague. It takes less then two hours.

Strakonice Airport
49.2516531N, 13.8914019E
Gate and Aeroclub HQ
Aeroclub Strakonice Homepage

Weather conditions
Climate in the Czech Republic is mild. During the month of July the temperature is around 28°C, average wind direction west or east with average speed of 3-5m/sec.

Airspace restrictions
At the airspace close to LKST there are no restrictions or any other military areas. For the competition will be published TRA GND-FL095, 5NM circle with centre LKST.

Landowner restrictions
Not applicable. Aeroclub Strakonice is owner and operator of LKST.

Aeroclub Strakonice offers facilities like seminar room, briefing area, Wi-Fi, restaurant.

Accommodation will be announced in bulletin no 2.

The terms of entry into Czech Republic and the participation in competition will be reported in Bulletin No 2.