WPC 2022 Strakonice, CZ
WPC 2022
World Freefall Style and Accuracy Landing Championships 2022
Competition Details

WPC 2022 Competition Details

Insurance requirements
Personal health insurance and repatriation are responsibility of each participant and highly advisable. NAC requires third party insurance according to EASA.

Necessary documents
Valid skydiving licences, Skydiving Third Party Liability Insurance with 1,5 mil Euro coverage, valid reserve packing.

Proposed entry fees
• Head of delegation, Team Manager, team Coach: 450 EUR (IPC sanction fee excluded)
• Freefall Style and Accuracy landing: 700 EUR (IPC sanction fee excluded)
• Accuracy landing: 600 EUR (IPC sanction fee excluded)
• Accompanying person: 390 EUR (IPC sanction fee not required)
Entry fees include competition jumps, lunches and dinners, local transportation from recommended accommodation in Strakonice and gala dinner.

4x An-2, C-172

Pre-event training jumps
Cost of training jumps from 1000 m will be 20 EUR and from 2200 m will be 35 EUR. The aircraft(s) depends on the number of participants who have informed the organizer about their training.